Introduction – Executive Summary – Message From Founder Chairman – The South African Christian Chamber of Business – The Need For Leaders with Vision – and Integrity

It is a privilege, honour and pleasure to prove this founding message for this needs and purpose driven Business Chamber.  The timing could not be better to launch this platform for the Socio-Economic Growth and Development with high levels of Crime : Grime : Inner-City Decay and clearly a Moral Decline.  South Africa is in Economic Recession and it has Junk Status.

There is a desperate need for Economic Certainty : Political Stability: and Investor Confidence.  But there is even more need for a United Voice to Government that demands accountability and most importantly high level Batho Pele Service Delivery.

South Africa’s future wealth will be measured by:  Its Ideals : Its Justice : Its Faith : Its Standards : Its Quality of Daily Life and its Education and Institutions – And Its Ability to Develop Its Arts : Literature : Science and Technology.  Our country is bankrupt on almost every level of this wealth indicator as we enter 2020. There is a desperate need for the change and peace.

There is a current need for the religious groups and civil society to embrace this challenge with an attitude that also refuses to fail.  We need collaboration, co-operation and justice and this gateway has been created to establish a mutually beneficial partnerships and coalitions that provide a wide range of benefits and services to our members.  The primary aim is to build a sound foundation of product and service providers – while building a vibrant economy in the Informal and SMME Sector at a Provincial and National Level. The combination of prosperity and poverty relief and food security is the primary aim or goal.

As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution the need for a real knowledge economy cannot be disputed or denied and the silent moral majority needs to become proactive in this essential process for that meaningful and sustainable change and almost an innovative look at that transformation. Some will speak of radical transformation and others in commerce and industry and in the wider community of civil society actually realise what it takes to implement a desired process and required framework.

South Africa does not need a Religion Economy as this is clearly not the solution to the Poverty Pollution : Unemployment : Corruption and Crime as witnessed in the rest of the SADC – Southern African Development Community – countries. It is the  religious and traditional leaders that need to understand the difference between the Religion and Knowledge Economies in all of Africa. There is a fine line between establishing a vibrant economy and then dealing with that food security and relief.

As we begin this exciting journey of learning and discovery we will build that Social : Racial and Cultural Cohesion on a solid Foundation of Unity : Integrity and Prosperity.  We will promote and protect Pro-Family : Pro-Moral : Pro-Law-Abiding and Pro-Life Values.  We will promote the need for Meritocracy – Capable Leaders – And Pragmatism – Best Practices – And Moral and Ethical Leadership and Management in all Government : Municipalities and all those essential Positions of Public Trust.

The South African Christian Chamber of Business was established to unite the 80% Christian majority and also provide the practical solutions to the challenges facing our country that create barriers to sustainable growth and development and those which increase high levels of unemployment: crime: corruption: poverty and pollution and that destroy all food security and the essential infrastructure that is required to provide the desired relief. It will deal with this in a practical and efficient way.

We welcome people of all race and religious groups to assist us in achieving all primary aims: objectives: mission statement.